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Full Service HVAC & Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Bright Sheet Metal Company is a full service HVAC contractor specializing in sheet metal ductwork and metal fabrications. We were founded in the mid-1950's to manufacture and install ductwork systems.


  • HVAC Fire Life Safety Inspections

  • HVAC Projects

  • Welding

  • Dust Collection

  • Oil Mist Collection

  • Air Make Up

  • Specialty Stainless Steel Fabrication

  • Specialty Food Grade Fabrication and Installation

  • Draft Fans

  • System Design

  • Cyclone Collectors

  • Platform Fabrication

  • Handrails and Catwalks

  • 3D CAD Design and Fabrication

  • Revit Design and Fabrication

  • ... and much more



Create cost SAVINGS By Value Engineering

• Conversion of rectangular ductwork to spiral pipe systems

• Utilize the actual static pressure of the system to reduce the construction of your ductwork including the use of negative or positive pressure panels

• Review of potential alternate equipment possibilities to identify cost-reducing construction alternatives

Get in touch with our other facilities, A to Z, Snodgrass, or Fulton Air Blance, to find out more about their individual services.

Corporate Headquarters

4212 W 71st Street

Indianapolis, IN 46268



Batesville Office

1211 Lammers Pike

Batesville, IN 47006